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Hedge Funds Review has partnered with BarclayHedge to identify the best performing European hedge funds, alternative Ucits funds and funds of hedge funds.

Funds that report to BarclayHedge will be automatically entered in the one-, five-, 10-year award categories as well as best new categories.
BarclayHedge is a leading independent, research based provider of information services to the alternative investment industry.
Founded in 1985, BarclayHedge consists of a team of research specialists, programmers and data admin personnel experienced in alternative investments.

The BarclayHedge Alternative Investment Database tracks and analyses the performance of 6880 hedge fund and managed futures investment programs worldwide.

The database serves as the basis for research reports and performance rankings that appear in BarclayHedge's various publications and directories.
BarclayHedge is one of the foremost sources for proprietary research in the field of alternative investments.

BarclayHedge's 18 hedge fund indices and 10 managed futures indices are universally recognised as alternative investment performance benchmarks and are utilised by investment professionals and financial media around the globe.

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